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Going to college is challenging enough, but repaying the resulting student loan debt can be even more daunting. When you talk to a nonprofit NFCC® Certified Student Loan Counselor about your options, you get a one-on-one, comprehensive review of your finances and a repayment plan that works best for your situation.

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What’s in it for you…

Here’s what comes next…

  • A thorough evaluation of your entire personal financial situation—not just your student loan debt.
  • An audit of your current loans and their terms.
  • Comprehensive, one-on-one guidance through all student debt repayment options.
  • A full financial game plan, including which debt repayment plans are right for you.
  • Set up a secure login.
  • Create your own confidential, financial profile online.
  • Be contacted by a nonprofit NFCC member agency.

Student Loan Counseling



review of your financial situation, including current income, living expenses, all debt and your long-term goals.



game plan that doesn’t undermine your personal short- and long-term goals by just directing you to a plan with the lowest current payment.



assessment that looks beyond income-based programs and consolidation to see if other avenues for retiring your debt might be available and make more sense for you.

Why choose us?

Gain access to over 60 years of experience helping borrowers like you get answers to all of their debt-related concerns, including student debt solutions.


We are experts on the ins and outs of student borrowing and repayment and on how to minimize its impact on your overall financial health. We work with you every step along the way until your issues are resolved.


You always know where you stand and who to call with questions about your student loans and any other financial issues that arise over time.

Local to you

NFCC member agencies have office locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, which are staffed by NFCC Certified Student Loan Counselors.

In their own words: Hear from people we’ve helped

Julie K.

With my counselor’s help, I got the answers and the guidance I needed to create a repayment plan. I not only walked down the aisle as planned, I did so debt-free.

Sonji H.

Within a year of my initial call, my credit score had increased almost 100 points. Now I’m on track to becoming a homeowner.