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A middle-aged Asian couple smile as they go over their credit adviser's debt advice on their tablet

Get relief with credit counseling or a debt management plan

As your financial advocate, we make it easier and more convenient for you to regain control over your debt, no matter how much you owe. We don’t turn anyone away, and unlike for-profit firms, our service fees will not cause you to go further into debt.

Debt Management Plan Credit Counseling

You're Not Alone.

Debt is a national dilemma.

$3.9 trillion

Total outstanding U.S. consumer debt


Average American credit card debt per household


Proportion of Americans who carry credit card debt from month to month

Get personalized credit and debt counseling for any situation.

Whether you owe money as the result of medical expenses, overspending or unemployment – or you just need help with money management – a certified financial counselor can help you make a plan to pay off your debt today.

NFCC Certified Financial Counselors work with you to determine the best options for getting relief from the financial pressure you are experiencing. They do this by:

Reviewing your credit report

Offering solutions to your current concerns

Advising on better ways to manage your debt

Developing a personalized financial plan for preventing future difficulties and achieving your goals

Not our first rodeo:

NFCC Certified Financial Counselors are here to help.

1 million

total clients served by NFCC member agencies in 2017.


average decrease in debt NFCC clients have experienced.*


of NFCC clients pay back their debt more consistently.*


NFCC® Certified Financial Counselors at member agencies are ready to help.

*NFCC Sharpen Your Financial Focus evaluation of counseling clients after six quarters.

FICO® Score Facts:

Does It Hurt Your FICO Score If You Go to Credit Counseling?

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In their own words: Hear from people we’ve helped

Carole C.

It’s a learning process. I needed to feel like I was going to solve my problem. It has given me my smile back.

Shante A.

They helped me save money with their financial coaching program and improve my credit score. I am forever grateful!

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