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Awardees recognized for their commitment to the promotion of financial literacy and support for the work of NFCC and member agencies.
Washington, DC – The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) proudly honored six individuals with the NFCC’s Making the Difference Award during their recent NFCC Connect Conference in Dallas, TX.
“For the past 13 years, our Making the Difference Awards have recognized the unwavering contributions and support that individuals and organizations have made to the NFCC, its mission, its member agencies, and most importantly, consumers who benefit from our services,” said Bruce McClary, NFCC Vice President of Communications.
The following distinguished and deserving leaders were honored for their significant contributions toward advancing financial education and consumer financial health:
Eugenio Alonzo, President and CEO of Consumer, an NFCC Member agency based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Eugenio was recognized with the 2018 Making the Difference Member Award for his determination and unceasing efforts to keep his organization open in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. Eugenio’s perseverance and leadership helped the agency maintain financial counseling and education services for the people of Puerto Rico while continuing an expansion in Florida. His work serves as an example and inspiration for all NFCC Members.
Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO of Jo Ann Barefoot Group, LLC and Co-founder of Hummingbird Regtech, has over thirty-six years of experience focused on consumer financial protection. JoAnn has been a member of the NFCC Board of Trustees since 2015. For her leadership and perspective on the use of technology and innovation to support the work of the NFCC, Jo Ann Barefoot is recognized with the Making the Difference Advocate Award.
Stan Little, President, SunTrust Foundation, was recognized with the 2018 Making the Difference Partner Award. Stan is president of the SunTrust Foundation, and leads the company’s philanthropic work to advance financial well-being in the community. NFCC has recently received a grant from SunTrust to pilot a program providing financial counseling and education for the Latino market. Since becoming president of the SunTrust Foundation, Little has embraced the vision for supporting this important and growing consumer segment and their desire to attain the American Dream.
Kurt Grossheim, winner of the 2018 Making the Difference Partner Award, serves as Chief Operating Officer for Synchrony Financial. Kurt has served on the NFCC Board of Trustees since 2016 and has been a vocal advocate for the Sharpen Your Financial Focus® (Sharpen) program. In the third year of the Sharpen program, Synchrony announced a $4 million financial commitment to support development of a second phase.
Ken Wojcik, Senior Vice President, Synchrony Financial, is a champion for the NFCC and its members. Immediately understanding its value to consumers, Ken has been a member of the NFCC Advisory Committee since 2009 and has played a critical role in ensuring the NFCC’s Sharpen® program became a reality. Since then, he has demonstrated unwavering support of financial counseling and the work of NFCC members. For his role in helping the NFCC sustain and grow the Sharpen program, Ken Wojcik was recognized with the 2018 Making the Difference Partner Award.
“It is an honor to recognize and applaud the noteworthy contributions of these outstanding individuals,” said Rebecca Steele, President and CEO of the NFCC. “They have each advanced financial education and consumer financial health . Communities and Americans throughout the country, benefit from their passion and dedication to improving lives through financial counseling and education.”

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