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Regardless of your financial situation, when you contact us, the goal of NFCC and our member agencies is to help you learn how to manage your debt so you can achieve—or get further along the path to realizing—stronger financial fitness and your personal money goals.

We define this as:


Making timely bill payments

This means maintaining your outstanding debt balances at an amount where you are able to make your bill and loan payments on time each month, avoid penalties and minimize interest charges.

The first step to achieving this often requires finding ways to decrease debt. In some cases that may require a debt management plan a program NFCC Certified Financial Counselors can help you with.


Having some savings

Routinely building your savings so that you have money available for emergencies and retirement is a crucial step in feeling financially secure.

This is one of the reasons our Counselors begin your session with a full financial review. Once you take inventory of your financial life, it’s easier to find areas where you can boost your savings.


Being able to plan for the future

When you understand how much money you have coming in and how much you spend, it’s much easier to anticipate what you will need in the future to achieve your goals, not just in the near term but also over time. This is when start to feel like you really have control of your money life.

What You Should Know About Our Relationship with Financial Institutions

In addition to being an accredited organization, our Creditor Relations department develops and maintains relationships with senior management at many of the creditors you may owe money to.

By working together, we’re able to provide you with access to affordable repayment programs for credit card debt (and other unsecured debt) if you qualify for enrollment in an NFCC Debt Management Plan (DMP).

If you do qualify for a debt management plan or DMP, NFCC member agencies can consolidate your debt. They can also negotiate affordable payment terms and, in some cases, a longer payback period for your debt.

Your Advocate

The NFCC also serves as a consumer advocate. We work with representatives from large financial institutions to advance issues like improving financial education, counseling and debt repayment. Having and maintaining these relationships is critical to our being able to provide you with affordable programs and options that can truly improve your financial situation.